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Classic Coasters

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Our ever-popular 4x4 natural slate coasters are available in designs ranging from rustic to southwest to contemporary. Etched designs and a border bring out the variations of the physical characteristics in the stone. Order four of one kind or make up your own unique set by choosing your favorite wildlife, western or outdoor designs. Take off the protective cork feet and these coasters can also be used as decorative tiles in your kitchen or around a fireplace.

Please Choose:

ARH >Arrow Head

BD1 >Bird 1

BD2 >Bird 2

BEA >Bear

BF1 >Butterfly 1

BLA >Blank

BOO >Boot

BU2 >Buffalo 2

CAB >Cabin

CAM >Camp

COW >Cowboy

CS1 >Cactus 1

DE2 >Deer2

DEE >Deer

DK2 >Duck 2

DR2 >Dragonfly 2

EAR >Earth

EL2 >Elk 2

ELK >Elk

FET >Fetish Bear

FIR >Fire

FLY >Fly Fisherman

FRO >Frog

GEC >Gecko

GF1 >Golfer 1

HAN >Hand

HAR >Harmony

HSH >Horseshoe

HU2 >Hummingbird 2

KOK >Kokopelli

LF1 >Leaf 1

LF2 >Leaf 2

LF3 >Leaf 3

LF4 >Leaf 4

MED >Medicine Man

MGO >Big Horn Sheep

MO2 >Moose 2

MOO >Moose

MSH >Moose Head

MU2 >Mustang 2

MUD >Mustang Dbl

NOM >Nomad

OAK >Oak Tree

PC1 >Pinecone 1

PEA >Peace

ROD >Rodeo

SB1 >Snowboard 1

SB2 >Snowboard 2

SIM >Simplicity

SK1 >Skier 1

SK2 >Skier 2

SKU >Skull

TR2 >Trees 2

TR3 > Tree 3

TRO >Trout

TX1 >Texas 1

TXS >Texas Star

WAT >Water

WIN >Wind

WOL >Wolf

CM >Coppers Mine

EY >Ebony