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Fusion Plates

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Show your love of the outdoors with this charming, rustic switch plate cover. Each patina metal cover holds a handcrafted stone cameo that will enhance your outdoor theme. Designs may vary slightly due to plate size. Patina screws are included.

Please Choose:

BEA >Bear

CAB >Cabin

CAN >Canoe

CS1 >Cactus 1

DEE >Deer

EA1 >Eagle 1

ELK >Elk

FET >Fetish Bear

GEC >Gecko

KOK >Kokopelli

LF2 >Leaf 2

MO2 >Moose 2

MOO >Moose

MUD >Mustang Dbl

PC1 >Pinecone 1

SK1 >Skier 1

SPT >Spirit Horse

TR2 >Trees 2

TRO >Trout

ZIA >Zia

SS >Standard Single

SD >Standard Double

ST >Standard Triple

SQ >Standard Quad

RS >Rocker Single

RD >Rocker Double

RT >Rocker Triple

RQ >Rocker Quad

OS >Outlet Single

OD >Outlet Double

0 >Old Twig

3 >New Twig (shown)

4 >Steppe

PG >Patina Green

PR >Patina Rust