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Classic Trivets

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Larger version of our classic coasters, this 6 X 6 natural slate trivet is available in a variety of designs. These trivets are perfect accent piece for any kitchen.

Please Choose:

BEA >Bear

BLA >Blank

BOO >Boot

BU2 >Buffalo 2

CAB >Cabin

DEE >Deer

DR2 >Dragonfly 2

EAR >Earth

EL2 >Elk 2

ELK >Elk

FIR >Fire

FLY >Fly Fisherman

GEC >Gecko

GF1 >Golfer 1

HAN >Hand

HAR >Harmony

HU2 >Hummingbird 2

KOK >Kokopelli

LF1 >Leaf 1

LF2 >Leaf 2

LF3 >Leaf 3

LF4 >Leaf 4

MGO >Big Horn Sheep

MO2 >Moose 2

MOO >Moose

MU2 >Mustang 2

PC1 >Pinecone 1

PEA >Peace

SB2 >Snowboard 2

SIM >Simplicity

SK1 >Skier 1

TR2 >Trees 2

TR3 > Tree 3

TRO >Trout

WAT >Water

WIN >Wind

WOL >Wolf

CM >Coppers Mine

EY >Ebony